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 Before the invention of bridges Aghade was, as the name indicates, a ‘Ford’ or crossing place of the river Slaney. In early times a very important road or rather ‘Pass’ from Dublin to Wexford ran through Baltinglasss, Tullow and Enniscorthy. Hence Aghade must have been a much frequented place.

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Church history and web site here
Old school and now the parish hall

Residence for the school teacher originally

Old headstones

Gate hinge detail
Bridge over the river Slaney

Architectural Description: five-arch hump-back granite built road bridge over river, c. 1760, with ashlar voussoirs, (Fine cut stone in the shape of a wedge) triple keystones and triangular cut waters. Renovated, post-1825, with centre arch rebuilt.

The bridge is very popular among locals for fishing, kayaking, swimming and sightseeing.