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Population around 700

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The Millennium Clock

This is the Millennia clock in Ballon village. It is of unique design and the following explain its creation. The two vertical stones represent the two millenium periods married together and yet separate. The right hand section suggests the figure 2 and the three zeros can be picked up in the clock face, the fountain sphere and the logo. The sphere housing the fountain also represents the sun and the radial lines cut into the stone represent the rays of the sun. A Christian dimension is given in the left hand circle as the relative positions of the 2000 and the AD give the image on the Celtic Cross.

Joe Doyle’s – a bit of history

Kavanaghs – a bit of history

Ballykealey House – a bit of early history

Ballykealey Manor Hotel – Facebook

Ballykealey Walled Garden

Ballon Hill an Archaeological Treasure 

Recent Archaeological report on Ballon Hill

The Lecky and Quaker Graveyards

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