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Population c 184

St. Lazerian’s Catholic Church c 1830

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National School 1959

Village Website

School Website

St Paul’s Church 1811

Village Website

Spellman Hall 1956

Village Website

Kildavin/Clonegal GAA Club

Village website

Street scene

1798 Memorial and village pump

Wildlife garden and site of the old Ball Alley 0f 1924

Memory Stone in wildlife garden

from Kildavin Bridge

Conways Facebook

Ally Hore’s Corner, Old fashion water pump
Young’s Bridge, New Bridge on river Slaney

Six-arch rubble stone built road bridge over river, c. 1800, with voussoirs and ashlar cut waters

River Slaney from the bridge

Gate of tears plaque

Cranavane well located 4 km from the village